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Rising pipe with basket filter
  • Rising pipe with basket filter
  • Rising pipe with basket filter

Rising pipe with basket filter

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  • Set the riser tube integral with the filter
  • Suitable for all underground storage tanks from Rewatec
  • For the catchment area up to 350 m2

Riser tube with basket filter

Rainwater purification systems

Filter basket for rainwater integrated into the rise tube designed for all underground tanks from Rewatec. The set consists of a riser tube with built-in basket filter. The filter housing for easy installation and access to the filter without tools. Large size basket filter collector allows for less frequent cleaning. This is a very convenient solution, because the filter basket is located in a specially designed hole. This facilitates removing, and then placing the filter in place (compared to the suspended filters). It provides high quality and freshness of water in the reservoir by optimizing the supply of oxygen to the tank. Due to the fact that the filter is accurate (opening width 0.9mm), suitable also for home systems (requires regular cleaning of the basket).

Dimensions: Ø 600 mm, height 350 mm. We also offer a rising pipe with flow filter.

Filter basket

  • Recommended for roof areas up to 350 m2
  • Convenient placement and removal of the filter
  • The large size of the filter basket allows for less frequent cleaning