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Leaf separator for gutters brown

Leaf separator for gutters

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  • Filter for mounting on the gutter downpipe
  • Leaf separator for a roof area of up to 70 m²
  • Suitable for gutter drains with a diameter of Ø 80 and 100 mm

Leaf separator for drain pipes

Cleaning rainwater from leaves and solid contaminants

The leaf separator separates leaves and larger impurities from the water and then removes them outside the system. In winter conditions, the green cover can be closed. It operates in summer/winter mode. The device is ideal for filtering pond water. Thanks to the leaf separator, gutters and drainpipes do not become blocked as accumulating dirt is filtered out continuously. The rainwater filter is available in two different colours grey and brown.

Description of functioning of the leaf separator for gutters

Larger impurities are separated from the rainwater at the filter grid. The filter cartridge is removable, so cleaning operations are very easy. The separator simply ejects the leaves and dirt outside the unit. The cleaned rainwater then flows down a drain pipe.

Features of the leaf separator

  • Continuous working,
  • Made of durable polyethylene, resistant to adverse conditions,
  • Installation on pipes with diameters Ø 80 and 100 mm, fittings included.
  • The complete set includes the necessary reductions,
  • Spacing between the filter fins approx. 5 mm.
  • For roof areas up to 70 m².