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  • Opti underground rainwater filter

Opti underground rainwater filter

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  • Underground rainwater filter
  • For roof areas of up to 200 m2
  • Inlet and outlet diameter 110 mm
  • Cover for pedestrian traffic

Opti rainwater underground filter

Underground filter for rainwater management systems

The Opti underground filter is used to purify rainwater from solid particles, such as leaves. It also provides a high degree of protection for the pump against clogging and consequent damage. It is particularly suitable for use in rainwater management systems. 

The Opti filter catches all impurities with the help of a filter basket inside it. The basket has a special handle, which makes it easy to remove and empty. The mesh diameter of the basket is 0.9 mm. Such a small mesh allows the water to be cleaned very thoroughly. The inside of the filter is covered by a lid, designed for areas with foot traffic.

  • The Opti filter is designed for roofs of up to 200 m2,
  • The mesh diameter of the basket is 0.9 mm,
  • Possibility of a deeper foundation with the use of an extension - up to 0.5 m, 
  • The filter has a slim design and is very easy to install and maintain,
  • Has a very high cleaning capacity.

Sieve diameter
200 mm
Overall height
500 mm
Overall width
470 mm
The diameter of the mounting hole
305 mm
Inlet diameter
110 mm
Outlet diameter
110 mm
Foundation depth
up to 500 mm