Septic tank alarm GSM III T

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  • 2 years guarantee
  • Sound and light alarm for septic tank, rainwater storage tank
  • Sends SMS messages when overflow

Septic tank alarm GSM III T

Control systems of septic tank or rainwater tank filling

The device monitors the level of wastewater in a septic tank. The wastewater level monitoring system consists of a probe that is placed in the tank and a signalling device to be installed in the house. When the sewage level is high, the alarm device gives a light and sound signal about the current level. In addition to sound and light signals, the alarm device can send SMS messages to up to several dozen different telephone numbers with any content (up to 40 numbers). The device can be used to control the level of sewage, water or other liquids.

The panel has an additional 5 inputs, so it is possible to control the operation of other devices and send SMS messages. A red light and a sound signal indicate when the alarm condition has been exceeded and the waste water has to be removed. It is possible to manually switch off the septic tank alarm. A lit green LED indicates that the unit is in stand-by mode and the faecal level has not reached an alarm condition. The kit includes a probe and panel with power supply. There is another model of alarm system available in our offer - the GM-S II septic tank alarm.

Programming of the device takes place before dispatch, this is a free service. It is necessary to provide telephone numbers and the content of the message. Programming can also be done on your own using a cable transmitting data from the alarm device to a computer. You can also buy a USB adapter to connect the cable to your computer. A cable with USB adapter is available at an additional cost upon individual request. Cost:

  • cable 65 zł,
  • UBS adapter 25 zł.
The alarm device has additional inputs for use:

  • 3 universal inputs can be configured as NC/NO.
  • 1 NC/C/NO relay output (1A amperage).
  • Up to 40 telephone numbers can be programmed to which a message will be sent that the tank is full.
  • Any message content, max. 64 characters (without Polish characters).
  • The signalling device can be installed in any type of tank, new or already in use, made of any material and of any shape.
  • The tank can be located at an unlimited distance from the building.
  • Thanks to the use of simple solutions, the installation of the alarm device is very easy.
  • Operation and installation is almost identical to the Alert GM-S II.
  • Very low operating costs - cost of SIM card PLN 10.00 per year.
The GSM III T model is capable of sending SMS messages to various subscribers, e.g.: to the property owner, to the sewage disposal company, to the technical services, etc. However, sending an SMS requires the device to be programmed, i.e. the telephone numbers to which the SMS is to be sent and the content of the message are entered into the memory, as well as the programming of the individual alarm signal inputs.

Programming takes place prior to dispatch of the device (free of charge) on the basis of data received in the order. When placing an order, please enter telephone numbers and message contents (max. 64 characters with spaces, without Polish font) to be sent to individual subscribers in the "Additional information" box.

Programming can also be done on your own, however you will need a special communication cable between the computer and the module in the Communicator. The computer used for programming should have an RS232 socket. If there is no such socket, an RS232 to USB adapter will be required, e.g. from Prolific.
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