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ZXM dirty water pump

ZXM dirty water pump

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  • Submersible pumps for dirty water and wastewater
  • Types of pumps ZXm 1B/40 and ZXm 1A/40

ZXm pumps

Submersible pumps for dirty water and wastewater  

ZX pumps are designed for sewage disposal and removal of dirty water, in which suspended particles with a diameter up to 40 mm are present. The pumps are very easy to install and are characterized by reliability and automatic operation.

Application: - domestic, dirty water

Name pump
Liquid temperature
Depth of immersion
Pump type
Pump power
Max. lifting height
ZXm 1B/40
do + 40 °C
5,0 m
0,5 kW
25-350 l/min
9,0 m
21,0 m3/h
ZXm 1A/40
do + 40 °C
5,0 m
0,6 kW
25-400 l/min
11,0 m
24,0 m3/h