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Automatic submersible pump for rainwater

Multi Diver 1200 Auto is an electronically controlled submersible pump. It is recommended to draw fresh, cold, clean water from vertebral wells, large tanks, as well as from drilled deep water intakes with a sufficient diameter (suggested pipe diameter 200 mm). The pump is equipped with a water jacket, which forces the engine to cool by the pumped water.

MULTI DIVER 1200 AUTO operation control is carried out automatically, by means of an electronic device controlling the pump operation, by monitoring the pressure increases and decreases in the installation. When the water intake begins, the system pressure drops and the control device switches the pump on. On the other hand, when the water consumption stops (the tap is turned off), when the pressure in the installation increases, the built-in flow sensor turns off the pump. When the pump is not running, the built-in check valve maintains pressure in the discharge pipe. The pump is also equipped with an automatic dry running protection system. The range of hydraulic parameters of the pump and ease of installation allow it to be used for water supply of single-family houses, summer houses, for watering gardens and not very large agricultural areas.


  • designed for automatic operation,
  • does not require additional equipment such as a pressure switch or diaphragm tank,
  • can be connected directly to hydraulic or irrigation systems

Technical data



Max. performance

101 l/min

Max. lifting height

45 m


230 V

Max. current

4,67 A

Engine power

1,2 kW

Power cable lenght 

10 m

Discharge nozzle

1 ½”


9,8 kg

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