Preparat Biomax


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  • Preparation unclogging drainage
  • Activator ecological drainage
  • Biopreparats for sewage drainage

Biopreparation Biomax unclogging drainage

Preparations for cesspits and septic tanks



Biomax is used in the case of clogged drain in domestic wastewater treatment plants. Biopreparation Biomax is composed of enzymes and bacteria. Concentrated bacteria and enzymes break down oils, fats and waxes that contribute to the invalid work of drainage. It should be used when the drainage is clogged and also proactively once a year. The preparation is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Preparation packed in 0.8 kg container.

Directions for use

    • Pump out liquid from drains
    • Prepare the solution dissolve 0,4kg preparation in 10-20L water
    • Drains purification treatment carried out at night, when there is no inflow of sewage
    • If necessary, repeat the operation


    • To avoid re-clogging, regularly (once a week) use the preparation Enzybac (by toilet to tank)
    • Once every six months clean the system of drains by using Enzymic
    • In case of malfunction of the drain (clogging, unpleasant odor), despite the use of treatments, should be used preparation Biomax
    • Biomax preparation should be used when temperatures are above zero, because temperatures below zero reduce the effectiveness of the product