Biostart preparation for drainage treatment plants

Biostart Drainage Biopreparation

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Biostart Drenaż
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  • The product is designed for use in drainage treatment plants.
  • The product is used to start the operation of the drainage treatment plant 
  • Environmentally friendly product

Biostart Biopreparation - start-up of drainage treatment plants

Preparations for cesspits and septic tanks

Biostart is used at the start-up of the drainage treatment plant. Biostart has concentrated micro-organisms that are characterised by very rapid multiplication. The biopreparation effectively decomposes organic substances such as nitrites, ammonia, phosphorus compounds, carbohydrates, hydrocarbons or fats. Biostart has no harmful effects on animals, humans or the environment.

We also offer other preparations for septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants, such as: Enzybac bacterial medium (increases the efficiency of sewage decomposition) or Neozyme activator (designed to start septic tanks and treatment plants).

Directions for use

A packet is sufficient to run a treatment plant with a capacity of up to 3 000 litres. The preparation should be dissolved in a bucket of lukewarm water (up to 40 °C, not completely dissolved), set aside for 12 to 24 hours. The liquid solution should be poured into the toilet and the water flushed. The inoculated organisms will take effect within 2-5 days. During the operation of the treatment plant, a new dose of Enzybac should be added once a week to keep the treatment plant working properly.