Preparat Enzymix 0,5 Kg


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  • Biopreparation unclogging pipes
  • Activator clogged pipes
  • Ecological preparation unclogging pipes

Biopreparation Enzymix unclogging pipes

Preparations for cesspits and septic tanks



The enzyme is a mixture of enzymes that break down blockages in sewage pipes and drainages. The preparation by the enzymes breaks down jams fine particles, which then detach from the wall of sewerage and sanitation. Enzymix does not damage the pipes, and poses no threat to the environment, animals and humans. Drain opening process takes usually around 8 hours, in the case of total blockage the process takes longer, and repeat the operation. It is recommended to use the product in restaurants, canteens and kitchens.

Directions for use

    • Sewage perpendicular - ex. perpendicular 4-floors, 5 kg of the product dissolved in hot water in an amount corresponding to the volume of the entire department and pour over the top floor for the night. Before starting the operation, cut off the outflow from the vertical, the current water supply and protect all drains. In the morning open the vertical drain and rinse with warm water.
    • Bathtub, sink, shower - 100 g of product dissolved in 1 l of water and pour over night. Rinse with warm water in the morning.
    • Kitchen sink, toilet, urinal, bidet - 50-100 g (2-4 scoops) dissolved in 1 l preparation and pour water over night. Rinse with warm water in the morning.
    • For flowing capacity enhancement drainage systems - 200 g 10 l preparation dissolved in water and pour on the feed to the leach field, at a time when this is not possible, the mixture can be dispensed by vent fireplaces.