Aquacb Biopreparation - Clean Ponds

Aquacb Biopreparation - Clean Ponds

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  • Preparation for purifying water from impurities
  • Ensures ecological stability of the reservoir, ponds and garden ponds
  • Harmless to the environment


Biopreparation that cleans water in ponds and garden ponds

A microbiological mixture for purifying water from organic waste. Preparation for use in waterholes and garden ponds. Microorganisms affect the decomposition and reduction of sediments from the bottom of the pond, improve water transparency. The product prevents the formation of duckweed. Our product range includes many other preparations such as OXYBREAK - Dry WC or SEPTICLEAN - Septic tanks and settling tanks, as well as many others.


  • Cleans water from impurities
  • Provides ecological stability
  • Harmless to the environment
  • Not dangerous to human and animal health
Directions for use

You dissolve the contents of the pack in 2 l of lukewarm water. You pour the solution into the pond after 20 minutes. In the first month of use, it is recommended to use half of the product every 14 days. In the following months, use one dose per month. Full bacterial growth occurs after 21 days.
Quantity per month
Pond volume [m3]
2 x 25 g – ½ packages
(twice a month)
10 – 20
50 g  –  1 package
10 – 20


Do not use metal objects to make up the solution.