Oxybreak Biopreparation - Dry WC

Oxybreak Biopreparation - Dry WC

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  • Preparation accelerating the decomposition of materials
  • It eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Environmentally friendly product


Biological mixture of bacterial cultures for the decomposition of organic waste in a dry toilet

Mixture of microbiological cultures and enzymes for breaking down excrement in dry toilets. It naturally processes stiff excrements in classic dry toilets, significantly accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, reduces content and helps eliminate odors. It boosts the decomposition of organic waste, reduces contents and helps eliminate unpleasant odours. Our range includes many other products such as AQUACB for ponds and SEPTICLEAN for septic tanks and settling tanks, as well as many others.


A 50 g packaging is enough for 2 m3 of organic waste.


You dissolve the biopreparation (quantity as needed) in lukewarm water (20-30 ºC) preferably in a plastic vessel (2 l). Pour the contents into a dry toilet after 20 minutes. Do not use any chemical disinfectants to prevent bacteria from eradicating and stopping the decomposition process.

The next dosing should be carried out depending on individual needs.


Do not use metal objects to prepare the solution.
In extremely dry weather and long-lasting heat, we recommend keeping the toilet content moist.
Do not use calcium!
Clean the toilet at a temperature above 10 oC