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  • Gray tank
  • Three pumps to choose from

  • Tank with a capacity of 1000l or 2000l

Ground rainwater tank with a pump

Tank with pump and accessories

Containers used for the storage of rainwater, drinking water and other food liquids. They are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage.

The composition of the set:

  • Grande reservoir
  • Collection kit with hose
  • Pump options: Pump Garden-Com 82M, GAP X80 or Pedrollo Top Multi Tech 2
  • Connection kit for the pump
  • Rainwater collector with filter
  • Connection kit 32 mm

Grande reservoir

These decorative rainwater tanks withstand external temperature changes from - 20 ° C to + 80 ° C, and the materials used ensure maximum resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The monoblock structure guarantees strength and solidity as there are no welds that could weaken parts under stress by internal stresses. For the purposes of installation, holes can be drilled in the tanks in the designated areas. The smooth surfaces of the tanks allow easy maintenance, light weight, easy transport and installation. In addition, the cost is much lower than that of metal, cement and fiberglass. We have a tank from the same series, i.e. LUMACA GROUND TANK



Capacity [l]

Diameter [cm]

Height [cm]

Inspection hatch [cm]



Drain hole

Grande 1000








Grande 2000









Collection kit with hose

2 m long transparent hose as a connection to the rainwater tank with a 3 / 4`` connection and shut-off valve. Thanks to the attached clip, the hose can be used as an indicator of the water level in the tank

Connection kit

It enables the connection of the tank with a rainwater collector. Hose length 25 cm, diameter 32 mm.

Collector with INOX mesh filter

Under normal rainfall conditions, the rainwater filter supplies the purified water to the rainwater tank with an efficiency of 85 - 95%. After filling the tank, the filter can act as an overflow drain. The device can be set in two positions: open or closed. The integrated filter sieve is made of stainless steel. The rainwater collector is suitable for connecting almost all downpipes, round (diameter 68 mm - 110 mm). The collector is designed for roofs with an area of ​​max. 70 m2. Available in two different colors brown and gray.

Pedrollo TOP Multi Tech II pump

TOP MULTI-TECH pumps are recommended for pumping clean water and liquids that are not aggressive to the pump materials. Due to their high efficiency and reliability, the pumps are used in supplying tanks with drinking water and wells, for drawing rainwater from cisterns for water gardens or for use in irrigation systems, etc. A switch inside the pump starts or stops the pump automatically when a tap is opened or closed . The pump comes with a set of fittings and a pressure hose to connect the pump and the outlet from the tank ended with a connector for connecting a garden hose.

GAP X80 pump

The Gap X80 pump is an automatic submersible pressure pump. It is used for irrigating small green areas. The pump is running in start / stop mode. After opening the receiver (e.g. a tap with garden water), it starts, and after closing it, it goes into standby mode. The pump comes with a set of fittings and a pressure hose to connect the pump and the outlet from the tank ended with a connector for connecting a garden hose.

Garden Com 82M pump

Garden Com 82M pumps are self-priming, centrifugal electric pumps designed for pumping clean water, free of solid or abrasive substances. Liquid temperature range from 0 ° C to +35 ° C. The pump is equipped with a handle for easy transport and a 2m H07 RN-F power cable complete with plug and switch. The pump is supplied with a set of fittings and a pressure hose to connect the surface pump with the above-ground tank.