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Gama absorption well

Gama absorption well

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  • Infiltration in the ground treated wastewater after biological treatment
  • Management of rainwater
  • Volume of 500L

Soakaway well

Infiltration systems rainwater and treated sewage

The main task of the soakaway well is storage, then infiltration accumulated water into the ground. Rainwater from the roof is fed drain pipe into a well where it is stored, and then gradually drained into the ground. It is also used by infiltration treated wastewater from sewage treatment plants. The device can be mounted through the green, the pedestrian traffic place. The well is in the shape of a bell, without a bottom, the bottom part there are openings allowing infiltration of water into the ground. Well absorbent extensions can be expanded by superstructure its height by another 30 or 50cm. The diameter of extensions in 50cm. When using the soakaway well should be aware that it can only be used in permeable soils and poorly permeable, where the groundwater level is correspondingly low. Well made of polyethylene.

When using an absorption well, it should be borne in mind that it can only be used in permeable and poorly permeable soils where the groundwater level is low enough.

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  • Light
  • Robust
  • Easy to install
  • Effectively infiltration water in the ground

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