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Watchman LT Kingspan level sensor

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  • Ultrasonic fluid level probe
  • Measurement accuracy 99.8%
  • PVDF housing

Watchman LT Kingspan liquid level sensor

Wtachman LT ultrasonic probe used to measure the level of liquids, pastes and solid bulk materials in the measurement range from 200 mm to 6.5 m. The probe can be used to measure the filling of fuel, chemical and broadly understood chemicals (including acids) tanks. The device can operate in continuous mode, in an on-off system, even in very demanding environmental conditions with an accuracy of 99.8%. The Watchman LT probe housing is made of highly durable polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), resistant to acid and hazardous chemicals.

Advantages of using a Kingspan liquid level sensor

  • Intuitive and easy operation of the device
  • Continuous operation on - off
  • Housing made of PVDF material, resistant to acids and chemicals
  • Measurement accuracy of 99.8% in demanding environmental conditions

Dane techniczne czujnika poziomu cieczy w zbiorniku Watchman LT

Watchman LT
Working temperature
-40 st. C -80 st. C
Measurement method
pressure probe 4-20 mA (standard)
Measurement accuracy
+/- 0,1 cm
Measurement range
6,5 m
Environmental Protection
0,5 kg
2 years