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  • Underground tank for rainwater and sewage
  • Capacity: 5,200 l, 7,600 l and 10,000 l
  • The possibility of foundation in groundwater, ground covering up to 2 m

BlackLine Tank

Underground tank for rainwater and sewage from Rewatec

The BlackLine tank from Rewatec is made of high quality polyethylene (PE). The tank is intended for collecting domestic sewage and rainwater. The monolithic construction of the device makes it 100% waterproof. The high quality of the materials used and the considerable wall thickness make the tank durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Each of our tanks has a number of accessories, also available in our store. On request, our specialists will choose the right set for you, guided primarily by the purpose of the tank and your needs.


  • Made of double wall thickness
  • The possibility of foundation in groundwater
  • Max soil cover up to 2 m
  • The most permissible wheeled traffic (passenger and truck) *
  • 25 years warranty
  • Natural polyethylene - 100% recycling
  • German Production
  • Construction without seams and welds - 100% - this water resistance
  • Low weight and easy installation
  • Simple backfilling and compacting with sand, gravel or excavated material

* In the event of a traffic load, follow the instructions in the tank manuals and select and make lifting components.

Technical data

Tank Volume [l] Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm]
BlackLine 5200 5200 240 201 225
BlackLine 7600 7600 276,5 231 233
BlackLine 10000 10000 340 231 233

BlackLine tanks are priced on individual request: kontakt@aquatechnika.com.pl

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