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  • Using rainwater in garden with system NEO Rewatec
  • Watering the garden, cleaning, washing the car with rainwater
  • Volume from 1500l to 10.000L

NEO Rewatec garden system

High-quality NEO flat tank with automatic pump and filter for using rainwater in the garden for watering

 A description of the action

Rainwater is collected from the roof through the gutter system and then fed through the drain pipe to the tank. The water is purified on a fine mesh basket filter and then flows into the tank (gravitationally). The water distribution system works thanks to a submersible pump that works fully automatically.

Delivery range :

 NEO flat tanks - Benefits for you

 Tank sizes to choose from 1500 - 10,000 liters

  •  Eco-friendly polyethylene - 100% recycling

  •  No seams, connections or welds - 100% waterproof

  •  Low weight, simple installation

  •  Durable, durable and resistant to loads, the possibility of truck driving

  •  Easy backfilling and compacting with sand, gravel or excavated material

  •  35 years warranty - Made in Germany

  •  Tank cover - Twin Cover with intake

  •  The tank lid has a smaller inner lid, allowing easy and quick access to water intake.

Rising pipe extension VS 60 with seal DN 600

 Rising pipe dimensions: height 635 mm, Ø 600 mm. A lip seal used between the rising tube VS 20 / VS 60 or a spacer ring. It protects the rainwater tank against the ingress of dirt from the outside.

 Filter basket with cut-out

 It is recommended for roof surfaces max. up to 350 m2. Dimensions: Ø 410 mm, height 160 mm fine filter (filter mesh size 0.9 mm). Attachment cables and a hook are attached to the basket.

  3.5 m pressure hose

 3.5-meter pressure hose for connecting the pump to the water intake, located in the tank lid.

 Pedrollo TOP Multi Tech II pump

 TOP MULTI-TECH pumps are recommended for pumping clean water and liquids that are not aggressive to the materials the pump is made of. Due to the high efficiency and reliability, the pumps are used to supply tanks with drinking water and wells, to draw rainwater from cisterns for water gardens or for use in irrigation systems, etc. The switch inside the pump starts or stops the pump automatically after opening or closing the tap .

Specific References

Installation scheme Sysytem NEO Garden Classic