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GARDEN SET WITH JUMBO TANK 10000l and infiltration box
  • Rain cover for the 10000 l JumboTank
  • GARDEN SET WITH JUMBO TANK 10000l and inlet in the cover

Garden set with Jumbotank

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Water intake:
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  • Rainwater tank with automatic pump, filter and intake of your choice (garden box or intake in the cover)
  • Tank capacity 10000l 

Jumbo Rain rainwater collection system

Complete systems for using rainwater in the garden for watering

A description of the action

Rainwater is collected into the Jumbo tank with a capacity of 10,000l or 15,000l from the roof through a gutter system. In order to clean the rainwater, a Rain Drop filter is used, which uses a filter basket with a small mesh to prevent contamination from entering the tank. The garden is irrigated by an automatic pump system that starts up fully automatically by opening the garden hose valve.

Delivery range

Jumbo tanks - what makes them stand out

  • The size of the tanks is 10000l
  • High-quality polyethylene
  • Durable, durable and load-resistant
  • 5-year warranty
  • The tank can be covered with soil up to 1 m without additional protection.
Capacity [l]
Length [mm]
Width [mm]
Overall height [mm]
Inlet height [mm]
Drain height [mm]
10 240

Filter Rain Drop

The rainwater filter is designed for the catchment area not exceeding 500 m2. The filter has a protection in the filter cover that prevents access by third parties and children while playing in the garden. The filter can be equipped with SR-20 or SR-40 extensions, 20 or 40 cm high, so that the filter can be installed deeper in the ground.

Water intake:

Selectable water intake.

External intake - cylinder-shaped garden box made of strong plastic (PP) with increased UV resistance. Equipped with an integrated steel ball-motor valve with 3/4" male thread under the box cover and an elbow with a 40 mm plastic pipe outlet on the underside of the box. A hinged, snap-on manhole cover prevents dirt from entering the interior. In addition, the box cover has a special opening that allows the lid to be closed while a garden hose is connected. Dimensions: Height: 13.5 cm, Base diameter: 17.6 cm, Lid diameter: 19.2 cm, Lid thickness: 1.0 cm.

The second option to choose from is the intake in the cover. This contains an additional inspection hole for the intake. The hose is terminated with an Aqua Stop quick-release coupling. This system works so that if the hose is disconnected, the water supply is disconnected automatically. 

Pressure hose 3.2 m - 1 1/4 inch

3.2 m delivery hose used to connect the pump to the water intake - resistance up to 5 atmospheres

When integrated with the intake cover, the hose is 3 m long. It is terminated with a quick-release coupling and threaded connection. 

Submersible pump

Multi IP Auto 1000
Lift 45 Auto
Max. capacity [l/min]
Voltage [V]
Max. lifting height [m]
Engine power [kW]
Discharge spigot [inch]
1 1/2

Depending on availability, the set is shipped with a Multi IP 1000 Auto pump or a Lift 45 Auto pump.

NOTE: When ordered, the set is delivered in 2 parts.
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