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Garden set with tank Basic Line Flat
  • Garden set with tank Basic Line Flat
  • Garden set with tank Basic Line Flat
  • Garden set with tank Basic Line Flat

Garden set with tank Basic Line Flat

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Water intake:
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  • Tank with pump, filter, siphon, garden box and hose
  • Automatic submersible pump 
  • Tank capacity 3000l or 5000l

Rainwater collection system Basic Flat 3000l or 5000l

High-quality systems for the use of rainwater in the garden for watering

Functional description

Rainwater is collected from the roof via a gutter system and then fed through a drain pipe into a tank. The water is cleaned on a fine-mesh filter in the tank. The water distribution system, thanks to the pump, allows the garden to be watered using a garden hose.

Scope of delivery

Basic Flat tanks - benefits for you

  • Tank with the desired capacity
  • PEHD superstructure approx. 30 cm high
  • Plastic cover in green
  • Basket filter
  • Inlet DN110 located in the superstructure
  • Technical inlet DN110 located in the superstructure
  • Emergency overflow with rodent-proof siphon

Tanks dimensions

Capacity [l]
Manhole diameter [mm]
Inlet diameter [mm]
Drain diameter [mm]
Casing height [mm]
Total height [mm]
Lenght [mm]
Width [mm]

Garden box with intake

Cylinder-shaped garden box made of strong plastic (PP) with increased UV resistance. Fitted with a built-in steel butterfly ball valve with 3/4" male thread under the box lid and an elbow with a 40 mm plastic pipe outlet on the underside of the box. A hinged, snap-on manhole cover prevents debris from entering the interior. In addition, the box lid has a special opening that allows the lid to be closed while a garden hose is connected. Dimensions: Height: 13.5 cm, Base diameter: 17.6 cm, Cover diameter: 19.2 cm, Cover thickness: 1.0 cm.

Pressure hose 3.2 m - 1" inch

3.2 m pressure hose to connect the pump to the water intake - strength up to 5 atmospheres.

Submersible automatic pumps to choose from:

The Multi IP 1000 Auto pump is a submersible automatic pump. When the outlet valve is closed, the pump is switched off and goes into standby maintaining a constant pressure in the system. The pump will automatically be switched on when the outlet valve is opened.

Technical data of the pump:

Max capacity
100 l/min
230 V
Max lifting height
40 m
Motor power
1,0 kW
Discharge nozzle
1 1/2"

NOTE: When ordered, the set is delivered in 2 parts.