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Jumbotank septic tank 10000l
  • Jumbotank septic tank 10000l
  • Jumbotank septic tank 10000l

Jumbotank septic tank

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  • HDPE monolithic tank
  • Tank for drainage septic tank
  • 10,000 l capacity

Jumbotank septic tank

Underground tank for collecting sewage

In areas that are not covered by the sewage network, the only possible solution is to use a drainage tank. The Jumbotank tank is made of polyethylene and guarantees complete tightness and easy installation. Jumbotank tanks are very durable and are characterized by high resistance to external conditions and resistance to chemical substances. Similar to the BOLT 1000 septic tank, the tanks can be used as septic tanks and can also be used in conjunction with a sewage infiltration system consisting of drainage or infiltration tunnels.

The tank can be covered with up to 1 m of soil without additional protection.

All installation instructions and necessary documentation can be found in the attachments.The offer applies to the tank, in order to install the tank deeper, it is necessary to add an inspection and manhole extension to the tank. The superstructures can be found in the accessories section.

Tank dimensions

Capacity [l]
Lenght [mm]
Width [mm]
Overall height [mm]
Inflow height [mm]
Drain height [mm]
10 240

Standards and certificates

Hygiene certificate: HK/W/0424/01/2017
Declaration of conformity: WB_JUMBOTANK/2017/01
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