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Zestaw domowo-ogrodowy Standard F-Line
  • Zestaw domowo-ogrodowy Standard F-Line
  • Zestaw domowo-ogrodowy Standard F-Line

Home and garden set Standard F-Line

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Control panel:
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  • Rainwater management system for the home and garden
  • Aquamatic Domestic C-Plus control panel
  • Tank capacities from 3,000l to 7,500l

F-Line home and garden system

Use of rainwater for domestic and garden purposes using a rainwater control panel

Description of action

Rainwater from the roof is collected through the gutter system and then fed drain pipe to the tank. Water is purified on the basket filter with a fine mesh, and then flows into the tank (using gravity). The pump pumps water from the reservoir to the gear (toilet, a washing machine) in the building. If the water level is too low, then automatically is given tap water. The system equipped with a control panel with a self-priming pump and control complement to tap water. The distance between the house and the tank can be up to 12 m. This is connected with excessive suction line losses due to too great a height difference between the bottom of the tank and the air handling unit and/or the distance between the tank and the air handling unit. A booster pump should then be used for the system. 

Scope of Supply

  • 25 years warranty for tank tightness
  • Possibility of foundation in groundwater, as well as in heavy, heavy impermeable soils (clay, silty, clay)
  • Maximum soil coverage up to 1.1 m (soil level) for 1500l and 3000l
  • Maximum ground coverage up to 1.5 m (soil level) for 5000l and 7500l capacity
  • The possibility of wheel traffic
  • Monolithic execution - no seams or welds and joints
  • The possibility of foundation in groundwater
  • The tank has the certificate: IBT Technical Approval

Volume [l]
Length [mm]
Width [mm]
Body height [mm]
3 000
2 400
2 400
5 000
2 960
2 220
7 500
3 340
2 310
1 125

Cover of the tank - TopCover + Shaft extension VS 60

Cover of the tank designed for pedestrian traffic. Made of polyethylene with double wall, it has protection of children. Shaft extension VS 60 have  Height 635mm, Ø 600mm 

Maxi filter with extension
Filter basket with rising (extension) pipe applied to the filter (Dimensions: Ø 350 mm, height 570 mm. The cap can be shortened). The rainwater filter basket is equipped with a convenient handle to pull the basket out. It is ideal for use in gardens, ponds and infiltration systems. The rainwater filter ensures thorough cleaning thanks to a 0.9 mm mesh, therefore also suitable for home systems. It is installed directly in the ground in front of the tank or rainwater seepage system. Advantages are: Narrow construction, simple assembly, small cover. Inlet and outlet DN100, Housing and cover are made of hard PE. There is an option of extension (using a rising pipe). Optional cover enabling circular movement. Recommended for roof surfaces max. up to 350 m²

Wall penetration sleeves DN100

Used to seal a technical channel which are cables and hose pump.

Floating intake with filter

Floating intake all the time swim approx. 15-20 cm below the water surface, where it can be pumped purest water from the tank (water surface can float all sorts of impurities). Mesh filter is an additional protection against contamination. Set elements: Float with a diameter of 15cm, Mesh filter (1.2 mm mesh), The check valve 1``, 1`` connector with O-ring in the suction hose Ø36mm, Suction hose Ø 36mm, length 2m.

Household filter for 1" water after the rainwater system

A 1" diameter on-pipe filter for the treatment of rainwater from micro-pollutants. 

Rainwater control panel AquaMatic Domestic C-Plus

The device pumps the rainwater from the tank and delivers it to the indoor installation. In the absence of rain water in the tank, the control panel can automatically use tap water. In one device has three main components: pump, control and complete the tap water system. The cabinet should be installed inside the house, eg. in the basement, boiler room or utility room. Details here:  C Plus.

Technical data
  AquaMatic Domestic C Plus
Max capacity
 4,8 m3/h
Max pressure
5,2 bar 
Max suction depth
 8 m
Rated power
 880 W
Power supply voltage
 230 V
Float switch
 20 m (without grounding)
Dimensions (W x H x D)  
500 × 650 × 240 mm
30 kg
Extra functionality
Possibility to connect a booster pump if the distance between the tank and the location of the control panel is greater than 10-12 m*

This involves the occurrence of suction line losses due to the large height difference between the bottom of the tank and the control panel and/or the distance between the tank and the control panel.

Specific References

Installation diagram of the McRain F-line home system
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