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  • Flat tanks for rainwater MDPE
  • Tanks for difficult ground conditions
  • Tank volume from 1500 to 7500 l

Flat tanks F-Line

Flat tanks for rainwater o sewage

Underground polyethylene tank for rainwater or a septic tank. F-Line has certified manufacturer confirming resistance to sewage, monolithic construction, the static tests and the warranty on the tightness. Due to the monolithic structure (one element), polyethylene tank F-line is 100 % watertight. All tanks Rewatec after manufacture are subjected to intensive quality control. In addition, the tanks are subjected to selective pressure tests using complex and extreme loads simulating conditions found in the ground. The F-Line underground tank is notable for its extremely flat construction – which means an installation depth up to 60 % lower and an excavation pit of up to 70 % less compared to other tank types. Low installation depth automatically means less work, fewer suprises (e.g. critical soil layers or rock) and thus lower costs overall.

F-line flat tanks:

  • 25 years warranty for tank tightness

  • Possibility of foundation in groundwater, as well as in heavy, heavy impermeable soils (clay, silty, clay)

  • Maximum soil coverage up to 1.1 m (soil level) for 1500l and 3000l

  • Maximum ground coverage up to 1.5 m (soil level) for 5000l and 7500l capacity

  • The possibility of wheel traffic

  • Monolithic execution - no seams or welds and joints

  • The possibility of foundation in groundwater

  • The tank has the certificate: IBT Technical Approval



Volume [l]
Length [mm]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
1 500
2 400
1 200
3 000
2 400
2 400
5 000
2 960
2 220
7 500
3 340
2 310
1 125

Do not forget: choose your shaft extension and tank cover

Specific References

Installation diagram of the F-line classic system for watering the garden with rainwater