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Eco Blueline II Home and Garden Set
  • Eco Blueline II Home and Garden Set
  • Eco Blueline II Home and Garden Set

Eco Blueline II Home and Garden Set

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  • Rainwater use system for the home and garden
  • Rainwater console Eco with submersible pump
  • Blueline II tank from 5200l to 10000l

Home and garden system with Rain Console ECO with Blueline II tank

Rainwater management system for garden watering with automatic irrigation, toilet and washing machine supply using Rain Console Eco 

Description of operation

Rainwater is collected by a gutter system from the roof surface and directed through downpipes to an underground filter from where it flows by gravity to the Blueline II tank. A submersible pump pumps the water to sanitary receivers (toilet flush, washing machine) in the building. The system is equipped with a rainwater Eco console which controls the water supply to the consumers (WC, washing machine, garden watering) and in case of lack of rainwater automatically replenishes the tank with tap water. It only fills up to the safe level of the pump, because the continuity of the system is ensured.

The system is ideal when the tank is far away from the technical room and when you have an automatic irrigation system with significant hydraulic parameters.

Scope of delivery:

  • Tank sizes 5200 - 10000 litres
  • Environmentally friendly polyethylene - 100% recyclable
  • No seams, connections or welds - 100% watertight
  • Light weight, simple assembly
  • Easy backfilling and compaction with sand, gravel or excavated material
  • Can be loaded with truck traffic (load class SLW 30)
  • Can be placed in ground water up to 1/3 of the tank height
  • 25-year warranty - Made in Germany

Capacity [l]
Lenght [mm]
Width [mm]
Casing height [mm]
5 200
2 400
2 010
1 980
7 600
2 765
2 310
2 250
10 000
3 400
2 310
2 250

Tank cover - TopCover + Extension pipe VS 60

Tank cover designed for pedestrian traffic. Made of double-walled polyethylene, it has a child safety device. The VS 60 ascending pipe extension is 635 mm high, Ø 600 mm.

Opti rainwater filter 

The Opti underground filter is used to purify rainwater from solid particles such as leaves. It also provides protection for the pump against blockage and damage. It is particularly suitable for use in rainwater management systems. The Opti filter is designed for roof areas of up to 200 m2. A deeper foundation is possible with the use of an extension.

Mesh diameter
200 mm
Total height
500 mm
Total width
470 mm
Mounting hole diameter
305 mm
Inlet diameter
110 mm
Outlet diameter
110 mm
Depth of foundation
do 500 mm

Opti filter extension pipe

An ascending (extension) pipe for the Opti filter. Allows a deeper foundation for the filter. Extension height: 700 mm. The extension can be shortened to 75 mm.

The Rain Console Eco uses a controller to manage the pressure pump to distribute rainwater to domestic uses such as washing machines and toilets, but also diverts water to the garden for watering. The Eco Rain Console with pressure pump works identically to a rainwater panel. The console monitors the water level in the tank. It replenishes the tank with tap water only up to a preset level in the event of a rainwater deficit. The purpose is to ensure safe operation of the pump (it does not top up the tap water by filling the full tank). 

Top Multi-Evo II pump

MULTI-EVO pumps are recommended for pumping clean water and liquids that are not aggressive to the pump materials. Submersible pumps are used to supply water tanks and wells, to draw rainwater from cisterns for water gardens or for use in irrigation systems, etc. This is due to their high efficiency and reliability. 

Technical data

Power supply
Spigot diameter
Q [l/min]
H [m]
1 ¼”
1 ¼”
1 ¼”
1 ¼”
1 faz.
1 ¼”
1 ¼”
1 faz.
1 ¼”
1 ¼”

For more advanced applications, the more powerful Top Multi-Evo 4 and 5 pumps are recommended. If you would like to purchase a set with the Evo 4 and 5 pumps, please contact us and a pricing will be made individually.  

Floating suction basket 1 1/4"

Floating water intake for multistage submersible pumps. Connection diameter 1 1/4".

Household water filter 1"

Mesh house filter to catch the smallest impurities.