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  • Using rainwater in garden with system AquaKing ECO
  • Watering the garden, cleaning, washing the car with rainwater
  • Volume from 1500 to 10000L

AquaKing Eco garden system

Hight-quality systems for collecting rainwater in the garden


Reasons why you should use rainwater

    • You will save money through reduced consumption of tap water
    • You will become more independent from water suppliers and increases its prices
    • Soft water with a low calcium content is beneficial to the plants
    • You will take an active part in protecting the environment and preserving precious water resources
    • Avoid the costs associated with the disposal of rainwater into the sewage system
    • Reduce the risk of local flooding, thanks to the accumulation of rainwater at the source, and its progressive use

Description of action

Rainwater from the roof is collected through the gutter system and then fed drain pipe to the tank. Purified water is a basket filter with a fine mesh, and then flows into the reservoir (using gravity). Water distribution system with a pump Comfort 4000/2 allows for watering the garden using the garden hose.

Scope of Supply

AquaKing - Benefits for you

    • Tank size 1500 - 10000 liters
    • The eco-friendly polyethylene - a 100% recycling
    • No seams, joints or welds - 100% tightness
    • Low weight, easy installation
    • Robust, durable and resistant to load
    • Easy backfilling and compaction of sand, gravel and excavated material from the trench
    • 10-year guarantee - Made in Germany

Cover of the tank - TwinCover with connecting

(with cover internal / connecting water). Cover of the tank has the lower inner cap, allowing easy and quick access to the water intake.

Shaft extension VS 20

Height 250mm, Ø 600mm

Basket filter

Recommended for roof areas up to. to 350m sq
Dimensions: Ø 410mm, height 160mm fine filter (filter mesh size 0.9mm)
Filter includes links fasteners and hook

Pump Comfort 4000/2

Compact garden pump Comfort 4000/2 allows watering your garden using collected rainwater in the tank. In view of comfortable and energy efficient, the pump is equipped with an automatic action, which automatically switches the pump to the water intake, then it turns off. Built-in filter and an additional foot prevent excessive pollution suction protect the pump from damage. The integrated safety switch prevents the work "dry". When the water level is too low, automatically stopping the pump.


Technical data pump:

Power rating
Max. efficiency
Max. pressure
Max. depth of immersion
Max. height
Diameter of the pump
Max. medium temp.
Calbe length
Network cable
Safety class


High pressure hose 3,5m

3.5m pressure hose used to connect the pump to the water intake, positioned in the tank cover

How big tank size to irrigate the garden?

Only irrigate garden
(rough guide)
Roof area
Tank size [l]
do ok. 100m2 garden area
min. 20m2
1 500
do ok. 300m2 garden area
min. 40m2
2 600- 3 000
do ok. 500m2 garden area
min. 70m2
3 000- 5 200
do ok. 800m2 garden area
min. 90m2
5 200- 7 600
do ok. 1 000m2 garden area
min. 100m2
7 600- 10 000
do ok. 1 500m2 garden area
min. 120m2
10 000- 15 000 1)
do ok. 2 000m2 garden area
min. 150m2
15 000- 20 000 2)

1) The system consists of two tanks after 7 600
2) The system consisting of 2 tanks of 10 000l

In the case of individual choice of the tank for your garden, please contact us


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  • Using rainwater in garden with system AquaKing ECO
  • Watering the garden, cleaning, washing the car with rainwater
  • Volume from 1500 to 10000L

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